Membership Application



The Eclectus Group is open to the following:

1) those who breed eclectus parrots,
2) those who are bird keepers or curators for zoos,
3) those who are scientists with an interest in eclectus parrots

Pet Owners

If you do not meet the membership requirements for the Eclectus Group and you own or want to own a pet Eclectus, we have a list for you, also! No need to complete the membership form, just click on the link below to join the EclectusPetOwners list. Members of the Eclectus Group are also welcome to join the pet owners list.

Click Here to join the EclectusPetOwners Group 

Eclectus Group Membership Fee

Currently there is no membership fee for the Eclectus Group. Communication within the Eclectus Group will be primarily by email. The second choice is by fax. The Third choice is by regular mail or phone, as needed.

Persons wishing to participate in the Eclectus Group organization should communicate with Joe Baker, Membership Chair,  email:

Please provide the following information:

Last Name
First Name
Aviary Name
Email Address
Postal Code
Do you breed Eclectus?
yes or no
Number of Pairs
Subspecies Kept
check all that apply
R.S. Vos.
Aru. Mac. Biaki
Grand Cor. Rie.
Items to display on the website membership page
yes no
Aviary yes no
Phone yes no
Email yes no
Display None
Additional Comments


Eclectus Group Discussion List 

The provides members with the opportunity to exchange information with one another and to receive information from the Board. This is an interactive list for members but is not a 'chat list'. Messages to the list should be brief and clearly stated with a specific topic identified. 

The Eclectus Group discussion list is for individuals who have become members of the Eclectus Group organization. 

1. You need not join the discussion list to be a member of the organization.

2. However, you must be a member of the organization to join the list. 

3. The discussion list is managed through Yahoo! To join:

Click Here to join the Eclectus Group Discussion List.

Message from the board regarding discussion list guidelines

Dear Eclectus Group List Members:
It is impossible for list guidelines to cover all potential behaviors
and situations that might either reflect badly on the Eclectus Group or make the discussion list an unpleasant place to participate. 

The list guidelines, welcome message, and description merely indicate
the *character* we wish the discussion list to portray. This *character*
includes manners like professionalism and courtesy in an atmosphere that facilitates the sharing of information.

We rely on the common sense of each and every list member to interpret the guidelines within the spirit of this intent. Regardless of whether or not an example is listed specifically in the guidelines, the intentremains clear. It is to help us avoid violating the character of the
list that we have provided a few guidelines. 

If anyone has a question about whether a post might 'cross the line' from acceptable to unacceptable, share it with the list owner first.

We don't wish to be unreasonable. Mistakes can be made; we are all human. If someone should inadvertantly violate the intent of the guidelines, that person will have it explained privately the first time. A second offense will generate either read-only status or unsubscription from the list, at the discretion of the BOD.

Thank You,
BOD Eclectus Group

Discussion List Guidelines (Not all-inclusive)

This list is for discussion of Eclectus parrot topics only.
It is open to members of the Eclectus Group.

We ask that members list their Name, City, and State in addition to their email address in the list profiles. 

Profiles will be accessible to members only.

This is not a chat list. Off-topic posts, one-liners, discourtesy, accusations, innuendo, discrediting, emotional outbursts, 'flames', and similar behaviors characteristic of chat lists are not appropriate. 

Messages of "thank you" or "congratulations" can and should be sent privately. On the other hand, flames to another member regarding list discussions will result in the offender being banned from the list, if reported to the list owner.

The only advertising allowed is that of Eclectus pairs and young. 
Siggy lines may contain email addresses and website URLs.

The Eclectus Group Website

The website contains numerous photographs to help members identify sub-species. It will also consist of information in the following areas, some of which will be generated on the discussion list:

  • health 
  • nutrition
  • behavior
  • breeding 
  • pet quality
  • ecology
  • conservation
  • other eclectus parrot related topics